Our people

With a wealth of experience and a commitment to excellence our team are experts in UK and Expatriate personal and business finances

Chris Wicks

Chris Wicks Managing Director

Chris runs the company on a day to day basis. He deals with a range of clients in the UK and overseas and is a specialist pension, retirement planning and investment consultant. Chris has been a financial planner for over 30 years. He qualified as a Chartered Financial Planner, a Chartered Wealth Planner and a Certified Financial Planner, for which he is a long standing assessor.

Chris also holds specialist pension (G60) and mortgage qualification (MAQ). He has worked for a number of major firms of Chartered Accountants and established a joint venture IFA firm with a firm of solicitors. He has contributed to the financial services trade press and national press on a variety of financial matters. He is also an active networker on Linkedin, Facebook, and Twitter.

Chris lives in Cheshire and is married with six children. He has recently completed a History degree at Manchester University, specialising in early medieval history.

Dawn Jones

Dawn Jones Financial Planning Manager

Dawn has been a financial planner for almost 30 years and is an Associate of the Chartered Institute of Bankers, a Fellow of the Personal Financial Society and is a Chartered Financial Planner.

Dawn is a pension & retirement planning specialist and investment consultant and is currently studying for her MSc in Financial Planning and Business Management. Dawn lives in Lincolnshire with her family and numerous dogs and cats as she has a passion for rescue.

Dawn is a Chartered Financial Planner and is currently studying for her MSc in Financial Planning and Business Management.

Michael McDermott

Michael McDermott Financial Planning Manager

Michael is a member of our UK based team, he deals with both residents and expatriates.

Michael has built a significant amount of experience working in global and local markets as an Adviser. Michael has also worked in senior advisory roles in the UK Private Banking & Corporate pension markets.

He continues to provide advice on UK Pensions to international and UK clients under UK regulation. He can also advise on UK ISA’s and Unit Trusts, as well as Bonds, Estate and Trust Planning for both private individuals and small businesses.

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