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Going green: ESG investing explained

ESG investing allows you to invest in companies that aim to make the world a better place. We look at ESG investing and how going green could benefit your portfolio and the planet.

Holborn UK receives prestigious award

Holborn Assets, one of the UK's leading independent financial service providers, has received the Pensions Transfer Gold Standard award.

Coronavirus: Market risk and Market Declines

The coronavirus, or COVID-19, continues to dominate news headlines around the world. What started in one Chinese city has spread throughout the world.

UK Budget 2020 the implications for British nationals

As the UK Budget 2020 announcement has taken place, here are a few important areas of interest for British nationals, both living in and out of the UK.

What a Change in Government Means for Your Investments

Just over a week since Boris Johnson was appointed Prime Minister, but should you be concerned about your investments?

Life insurance and trusts

Life insurance gives financial security for your loved ones when you pass away. If your policy isn’t set up correctly, your family may not reap the benefits

Overcoming the Fear of Retirement

what do you call someone who has a fear of retirement? Well, there doesn’t seem to be one but it is a genuine fear and the figure prove it.

Care costs and their impact on your assets

Although the chances of you needing long-term care is quite low, care home costs could be a challenge you face – and they are not cheap.

How much does it cost to adopt a child from abroad?

If you’re based in the UK, adopting a child from abroad requires an extensive and costly process which we outline below. If you’re based in the UK and looking to...

Most Expensive Wedding?

What’s the most expensive wedding ever? With the average cost of a UK wedding peaking last year at £27,000, getting hitched is not a cheap option by most people’s standards....

Why Hire an IFA in 2019?

Brexit is coming! Brexit will continue to impact the financial affairs of all Brits – and not just expats living in the EU and EEA. Uncertainty is affecting all areas...

Why women must save more for retirement

Women are simply not saving enough for retirement, writes Women’s Finance Writer Vicky Bizzell. Why? Is it a lack of confidence? Or are there deeper issues? It is not just...