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Why Hire an IFA in 2019?

Brexit is coming! Brexit will continue to impact the financial affairs of all Brits – and not just expats living in the EU and EEA. Uncertainty is affecting all areas of finance, from currency to mortgage prices. So financial planning is in the spotlight. Brexit has had both positive and […]

Why women must save more for retirement

Women are simply not saving enough for retirement, writes Women’s Finance Writer Vicky Bizzell. Why? Is it a lack of confidence? Or are there deeper issues? It is not just women in the UK, or the UAE, who are not saving enough for their futures – but right across the […]

UK Autumn Budget – a Brexit Budget?

In this week’s Autumn Budget for the UK, Chancellor Philip Hammond has put aside £500m to cover the cost of a “no deal” Brexit – and this isn’t great news for expats. The Chancellor “said that there was plenty of ‘headroom’ should he need to borrow more in a possible […]

Your UK Passport – Important 2018 Update

Rules affecting your UK passport changed – October 2018 A change affecting the renewal of UK passports was introduced on September 10th, but not formally announced by the Home Office. Until now, travellers renewing their British passport would have any remaining time on their old passport added to their new […]

Open Banking – Opportunity or Threat?

Open Banking is a UK scheme to give consumers more choice and better deals on their banking. But there’s big concerns over data security. What’s more, most Brits haven’t even heard of it. The new banking rules, implemented in January 2018 in the UK, were designed to give consumers more […]

Brit expats demand more paperwork from EU!

Post Brexit White Paper, British expats living in the EU face fresh anxiety over their right to stay put – with EU member states accused of being slow to support expats in achieving the right “residency formalities”. Paperwork, in other words. And the problem is (ironically, some might say) that […]

UK Summer 2018 – hot like 1976?

The miserable British weather is the reason why many British expats left Britain in the first place – but right now the UK is enjoying a scorcher of a Summer that everybody is comparing to the legendary Summer of 1976. Although 1976’s hottest temperature of 36°C (97°F) has yet to be […]

London’s City told to tackle “alpha male culture”

UK government ministers have told London’s financial sector to shape up and end the “alpha male culture” that predominates especially within “the City of London” – the square mile of central London that is the heart of the markets. Here at Holborn we reported earlier this year on the UK […]

Top 5 Personal Finance Blogs

Keeping on top of your personal finances can seem like a chore – perhaps you find yourself consistently running over your monthly budget, or perhaps you just feel as though you haven’t quite got the grip on things that you would like to have? Whether you want to be more […]