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Holborn Assets Limited

Holborn Assets Ltd is part of Holborn Assets Ltd, a major international financial advisory firm based in Dubai.

Services to Clients

Run by highly experienced team of financial advisers with many years of experience working with both UK based clients and expatriates. We serve both UK residents and British expatriates, especially those returning to the UK.

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Specialist Pension Consultancy Services to Financial Advisers

Holborn Assets Ltd are fully qualified as specialist pension consultants and hold the regulatory permissions to advise on UK pension transfers. We provide specialist pension consultancy service to clients of non-pension transfer specialist UK regulated financial advisers.

We assume full responsibility for the advice. To assure compliance with all regulatory requirements, we will liaise with your clients to understand all details of their current pension schemes and transfer needs, provide them with recommendations and execute the transfer.

At the same time, we respect your relationship with your clients and will never solicit other business from them or contact them regarding any other issues. We will also keep you informed of the progress and any other developments at all times. If there are other financial planning needs arising during out work with your clients, we will always refer these back to you.

Once the pension transfer has been completed, Holborn Assets UK will help you transfer all the new arrangements to your agency, in order to make you ready to provide ongoing services to your client, without any delays. If required we can provide an ongoing service facility.

With long time experience and a strong position in pension transfers, we are able to offer very competitive fees.

Working with Holborn Assets UK as an Adviser

Based in Manchester, Holborn Assets Ltd is always willing to work with experienced and highly qualified financial advisers in all parts of the UK. All advisers benefit from the strong foundations and infrastructure of a successful British run international company, which has access to financial and other resources not available to many UK IFA firms. They also enjoy unparalleled levels of administrative and paraplanning assistance, as well as marketing support, enabling them to fully concentrate on delivering the highest possible standards of service to their clients, rather than spending time constantly trying to acquire new ones.

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Call us for a friendly chat on 0161 969 2646 (UK Callers) / (+44) 161 969 2646 (Overseas callers) or email: info@holbornassets.co.uk