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British Retirees Are Richer than Ever, But That Might Change

7th February 2016

While the British economy has been doing quite well in the recent years, critics often point out that vast majority of the population have not enjoyed much of the prosperity. Especially the young have suffered from sluggish wage growth, less job security and sky-high housing prices. That said, one group which has done particularly well […]

The End of Buy-to-Let? Here Are Some Alternatives

10th January 2016

The Government is apparently waging a war against buy-to-let.  If you are a landlord, you have certainly not missed the Chancellor’s announcements of two potentially very costly and painful measures.  First it was the reduction of mortgage interest tax relief announced in summer.  That was followed by the new 3 percentage point surcharge on buy-to-let […]

Use Allowances to Minimise Taxes in Retirement

3rd January 2016

Most people will have accumulated a range of assets and potential income sources when they reach retirement, including pensions, ISAs, bonds, investment funds and more.  Each of these is treated differently from the tax perspective.  Therefore, which ones to draw cash from and which ones to leave untouched and keep growing can have vast implications […]

Retirement Rules of Thumb: The 4% Rule and More

21st December 2015

Building sufficient wealth during your working years is challenging enough, but retirement planning does not stop when the accumulation phase is over.  The decisions you need to make in retirement are no less important and no less complex.  The objective is clear: You want to enjoy retirement income as high as possible, but not run […]

State Pension Top-Up: Is It Worth It?

6th December 2015

Since 12 October some people have the option to top up their State Pension and receive up to £25 per week extra, in exchange for a lump sum payment which needs to be made by 5 April 2017.  It represents an attractive investment opportunity for many savers, although depending on personal circumstances it may not […]

Autumn Statement 2015: Key Points on Pensions

30th November 2015

Unlike this year’s Budget speech and several other recent occasions, Chancellor George Osborne has not announced any major changes in his Autumn Statement, as far as pensions and related tax issues are concerned. The widely anticipated tax relief overhaul has not been discussed and will most likely appear in next spring’s Budget. That said, there […]

Final Salary Pension Transfers

29th November 2015

The new pension rules, which came into effect in April 2015, have provided members of defined contribution pension schemes with unprecedented freedom and flexibility over the access of funds at retirement.  Savers can choose to take their entire pension pot as lump sum, purchase an annuity for guaranteed income or keep the pension invested and […]

Holborn Assets UK: Lasting Power of Attorney Explained

8th November 2015

It is widely accepted that a Will is essential to protect your family, your interests and your wishes after you die. Less often discussed, but equally important is the Lasting Power of Attorney. Indeed, the new freedom in pension wealth access and retirement financing has made an LPA a necessity. What Is a Lasting Power […]

Defined Benefit Pension Schemes

24th August 2015

Defined Benefit Pension Schemes were once a mainstay for pension provision both in the private and public sector. Defined Benefit Pension Schemes are designed to produce an income built on an employee’s length of service and salary. In recent years Defined Benefit Pensions have been hitting the news for all the wrong reasons, with many […]

6 Reasons Why You Should Consolidate Your Retirement Savings

7th July 2015

If you are like most people in the UK, you probably have your phone, internet and TV consolidated with one provider.  It’s cheaper and more convenient.  Fewer are aware of the same principle applying to retirement savings, particularly pensions. Indeed, with complex tax rules and constantly changing laws, the advantages of getting all your retirement […]