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Inheritance Tax Planning: No Time to Wait

17th November 2015

You don’t need to be rich for inheritance tax (IHT) to be an issue. In many parts of the UK, owning your home alone pushes you above the threshold. IHT Threshold and Rates The key numbers to know are £325,000 (IHT threshold) and 40% (IHT rate). The first £325,000 of an individual’s estate are tax-free. […]

How to Budget for Your Children’s After School Activities

1st June 2015

Extracurricular activities such as sports or arts don’t just build the particular skill; they have undeniable benefits to a child’s development. Activities and hobbies help cultivate the very traits which will be useful throughout your kid’s future life and career – like responsibility, focus or teamwork. As a parent you naturally want the best for […]

How to Make a Will

24th March 2015

A Will (sometimes also called Last Will and Testament) is a legal document where a person (called Testator) formulates wishes concerning the management and distribution of his or her estate after death. Although it mainly applies to material possessions, a Will can also cover other issues, such as selecting a guardian to one’s children. Why […]