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Trustee Investment

Holborn Assets UK have developed a specialist trustee investment service to help trustees fulfil the specific duties of their roles. We understand that a trustee’s responsibility goes far beyond merely selecting the best investments for the trust and we can provide advice on all the important issues, such as the following:

  • Portfolio construction and ongoing monitoring.
  • Compliance with all restrictions and settlor’s intentions.
  • Managing liquidity for distributions of income and capital.
  • Taking costs and tax efficiency into consideration.
  • Providing a comprehensive financial planning and asset management service to the beneficiaries.

Our trustee investment service takes advantage of our highly systematic and evidence based investment approach, which we apply to all our advisory services, but at the same time takes full account of the diverse requirements of individual trustees.

How Holborn Assets UK Differs from Other Investment Advisers

Most investment advisers and financial professionals try to “beat the market” by predicting future direction of prices, market timing and stock picking. Unfortunately, historical evidence and academic research have consistently proved these efforts unsuccessful. Most so-called active funds are unable to deliver returns above broad market indices and passive funds. When they do, it is either by taking much higher risk or merely by chance, which of course is not a sound investment approach and such results are extremely rare to be sustained over longer periods. Moreover, active funds typically incur higher costs, which further cut into their investment performance.

At Holborn Assets UK we believe that the markets can’t be reliably predicted and that the best way to make investment decisions it to select asset classes and asset types based on their long-term risk and return characteristics, supported by historical evidence and research, rather than trying to select individual stocks and predict turning points in the market. This is known as passive investing, although it does not mean that we sit back and do nothing, as any investment approach requires constant review and monitoring.

Our portfolios are invested mostly in index tracking and passive funds, which either buy the entire market in line with a broad market index, or invest in a specific (but still relatively broad) subset of the market, such as undervalued (“value”) stocks or shares in smaller companies.

Here you can find a more detailed explanation of our investment approach.

Furthermore, unlike many other advisers we are completely independent. Our service is fee based and we can therefore offer impartial and unbiased advice. That said, we can provide you with access to low cost institutional funds, which are not available to most financial advisers and private investors.



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