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Review Service

Pension and Investment Review Service

Most people have multiple financial products such as pensions and investments and often find it hard to keep track of everything and understand how all the plans, both individually and combined as a whole, will affect their finances under different scenarios. Therefore their pensions and investments often become less efficient (from the return, risk, cost and tax perspectives) then they could be, especially with advancing time.

To address this issue Holborn Assets UK provides a pension and investment review service. You will find it particularly helpful if one or more of the following is true:

  • You are worried about performance or risk of your pensions and investments.
  • You want your investments to be as tax efficient as possible.
  • You are retiring in the next five years.
  • You are wondering if you will have sufficient funds to retire on.
  • You would like to simplify your administration and get better understanding of your various financial arrangements.

Initial Assessment

At the beginning we will need full details of all your pension plans and investments. We will carefully analyse each of them and identify their investment exposures, fees, tax implications, any guarantees that apply and the amounts that would be paid upon maturity and in case of death. We will arrange all information for all your pensions and investments into a single schedule for you to have a clear overview. All the individual plans will then be analysed together, in order to find out how their characteristics compare with your objectives, risk attitude and other constraints.

Free Telephone Consultation

At this stage one of our qualified independent financial advisers will provide you with a telephone consultation, guide you through all your plans and their implications, explain any weaknesses and inefficiencies and, if necessary, suggest measures to better align your investments with your needs and explain the costs and effects of these changes.

This telephone consultation, as well as the initial assessment, is provided entirely free of charge and without any obligation.

Full Report and Implementation

If any changes have been recommended and you agree with implementing them, you will receive a full written report for reference and we will execute all the necessary transactions, taking care of all the paperwork for you.

Ongoing reviews will be carried out with a frequency and depth that you choose, in order to make sure your investments remain effective and in line with your goals and needs.


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