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Financial Planning

The following is an explanation of our nine-stage financial planning process, where our Holborn Assets UK adviser will go with you from identifying your existing situation, goals and unique circumstances to specific recommendations and a complete financial plan.

1. Initial Meeting

In the beginning our Holborn Assets UK adviser will meet you to learn about you, your goals, objectives, future plans and the kind of lifestyle you want. Prior to this initial meeting we will ask you for an overview of your current situation and any policies and investments you already have, in order to make the meeting itself as effective as possible.

2. Establishing Your Current Position

Based on the information you have provided in the first stage and careful analysis of your existing arrangements, Holborn Assets UK will next assess your current situation and implications of your future plans. This stage will establish a complete picture of your finances, including detailed analysis of your current and future expenditures, as well as the income and savings you will need for future goals and retirement, also taking into consideration scenarios such as illness or death and their financial effects on your family, if applicable.

3. Establishing Your Attitude to Risk

Besides financial goals and needs, risk attitude is another important ingredient of any solid financial plan. It reflects not only objective circumstances (such as living costs or debt repayments), but also psychological factors. A financial plan can only be effective if it suits your personality and feels comfortable. The level of risk tolerance identified at this stage will affect the composition and weights of particular investments and, inevitably, the rate of return and volatility.

4. Creation of a Financial Planning Template

Based on the current situation, objectives, needs and risk attitude identified in the previous steps, we will next construct a financial planning template. Its purpose is to put all these factors together and analyse how far your existing financial arrangements have gone to help you meet your goals and needs. In particular, we will pay attention to any weaknesses, vulnerabilities and little details where your existing financial plans and arrangements may be at odds with your goals and needs.

5. Formulation of Advice

In the next step the adviser will research and assess possible solutions and prepare recommendations, focusing primarily on the areas identified as suboptimal in the financial planning template. The adviser will prepare these recommendations to be discussed with you in the next step, the strategy meeting.

6. Strategy Meeting

During this meeting, the adviser will go with you through the recommendations and suggestions for improving your financial position. Compared to the first meeting it will be on a much deeper level, fine-tuning the little details. Wealth creation, wealth preservation (if applicable) and asset protection solutions will also be discussed, as well as putting insurance and other measures in place to protect you and your family in case of unexpected situations, such as illness or death. After this meeting you will have a complete understanding of your financial plan and all the individual solutions, including their effects under different scenarios. The adviser will also be ready to answer any other questions and resolve any issues outstanding for your peace of mind.

7. Summary Report

After the strategy meeting you will receive a summary report with details on all our specific recommendations and planning advice.

8. Implementation

Once you understand and are completely happy with the recommended course of action, our client support team will undertake any processing requirements.

9. Annual Review

Because the world of finance and, most importantly, your own personal circumstances and objectives can change over time, it is essential to periodically review your financial arrangements and make sure they continue to best serve your needs.



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