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Services to British Citizens Resident Overseas

We provide a wide range of financial planning services to UK citizens resident abroad. Unlike many non-resident financial advisors, Holborn Assets UK are regulated by the UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and authorised to provide insurance and pensions advice in most EU countries. As a result, we can offer services concerning numerous issues which other advisors can’t.

Although the degree of regulatory protection varies depending on your country of residence, all our business is required to comply with the strict UK regulations. Furthermore, we require all our advisers to hold relevant industry qualifications and adhere to the highest standards of integrity. Treating Customers Fairly is the core principle underlying everything we do.

Pensions Recovery Service

Pensions can represent a huge complication when moving to another country, due to differences in legislation and difficulty of pension transfers. Many expats are “leaving money on the table” by failing to aggregate or transfer their pension schemes, or by doing so ineffectively. We have extensive experience with international pension transfers and expat pension planning.

Recent UK legislation changes made it more cost effective to accumulate all your previous UK based pension schemes into one arrangement, from which you can start drawing benefits from the age of 50. If you are not planning to eventually return to the UK, we can assist with transferring your UK pension offshore.

Pension issues can feel overwhelming to an expat, but when taking advantage of our experience, all you need to do is provide us with details of your previous activities and pension plans, which we will carefully analyse and give you recommendations for aligning your pension arrangements with your changed needs and objectives.

Asset Review and Maintenance Service

It is very common for people to originally intend to go abroad for a short period of time and eventually stay much longer than planned. In such cases expats often leave behind investments such as unit trusts, endowment policies, building society accounts or rental property. These investments need ongoing maintenance and reviews, but they are often much harder to manage from outside the UK, especially if you are abroad for an extended period of time.

We offer asset maintenance services to expats, providing regular reviews and advice, and looking after your UK investments on your behalf. We keep track of the latest developments, changing conditions and new opportunities on the market and help you make sure that your funds are always invested in ways which offer the best return with reasonable risk, costs and tax implications.

Return to the UK Service

When returning to the UK, many expats make the mistake of neglecting to plan their investment, pension and tax issues in advance and they only start to think about them after their arrival back in the UK. This is not unnatural, as dealing with these things in the familiar environment of your native country can seem more comfortable. Unfortunately, changing the country of residence can have severe tax implications and in order to minimize the tax due after arrival in the UK, it is often necessary to take appropriate measures before you make the move.

Furthermore, when returning to the UK your other life’s circumstances, like employment and living costs, may also change and will require adjustment of your financial arrangements for tax, cash flow or other reasons. For the greatest flexibility and to minimize any tax liabilities arising from them, these adjustments should also be planned (and some of them implemented) before returning.

To expats planning to return to the UK, Holborn Assets UK offers a free initial review service, where we help you identify the tax implications of your return, particularly any taxes which may be due on your overseas savings and investments, and recommend measures to reduce or eliminate them. We can also provide a more complex financial planning review to help you make sure that your financial arrangements are aligned with your changing needs.

Unlike advisers in your current country of residence, as UK regulated firm we are authorised and well placed to continue to give you financial advice in the UK once you return.

Inheritance Tax Planning

Contrary to what many people think, the mere fact that you are resident overseas does not necessarily absolve you from all UK tax liabilities. As long as your tax domicile remains in the UK, your estate can be liable to the UK inheritance tax. Determining your tax domicile and inheritance tax liability can be a complex issue, taking various factors into consideration, and often the conditions vary depending on your country of residence and details of your situation.

We offer to review your circumstances to help you find out if your estate would be liable to the UK inheritance tax. We can also recommend measures to take in order to minimize or eliminate any tax liabilities that could arise.

Life Insurance, Health Insurance and Critical Illness Insurance

Employee benefits vary across countries and many UK citizens working overseas prefer to purchase additional life insurance, health insurance and critical illness insurance in order to maintain the standards they are used to. Many of them are not aware of the possibility to buy life insurance at UK rates – traditionally the cheapest in the world – even when being resident overseas.

Thanks to our familiarity with the UK market and experience with providing financial advice to British citizens abroad, we can review your requirements and provide quotations for suitable individual or packaged policies to suit your needs.

Education Funding

Many expats prefer their children to study at UK boarding schools and universities. Funding the costs can be an issue. We have extensive experience advising clients on international education funding and can recommend tax and cost effective solutions.


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