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Our Values

Holborn Assets UK core values are:

  • To Treat Customers Fairly at all times and to put their interests first in all our dealings.
  • To maintain strict Independence from product providers in order to ensure that our advice is always completely unbiased.
  • To always base our advice on the best academic Evidence that is available, and not be swayed by product providers’ marketing hype.

Treating Customers Fairly

All our dealings take full account of the interests of our customers. Key principles of our relationships and interactions with customers include full objectivity, always providing clear and fair information and not considering a project finished until the customer is completely satisfied.

Here you can read more about our principles of Treating Customers Fairly.


Unlike many other advisory firms and financial service providers, we are not linked to any bank, insurance company or investment manager. This is important for avoiding even the slightest conflict of interest, which is often present in relationships between financial firms and their clients.

On this page we explain the Holborn Assets UK business model and how our compensation and motivations differ from those of a typical insurance or investment company agent.

Investment Approach

Selecting the right investments is one of the most important tasks of any financial adviser. Although investment strategy and portfolio structure must always reflect the particular client’s objectives, risk tolerance and other personal circumstances, there are several underlying beliefs and values which guide our investment approach at all times.

They include evidence based investing (formulating strategy and making decisions based on facts and academic research, rather than emotions and hype), efficient market hypothesis (which implies that the best returns are achieved by consistency and keeping costs low, rather than by active management or overly frequent trading), diversification (not putting all your eggs in one basket) and exposure to factors which have consistently provided superior risk-adjusted returns in the long run (this where the above mentioned evidence and research are put to work).

Here you can find more details about our investment approach.

Ethical Investment

Some clients prefer to limit or completely avoid investing in industries and products which they consider harmful or unethical, such as weapons, nuclear energy, alcohol, gambling or animal testing. Giving up these opportunities may have negative effect on risk and return. To address this issue, Holborn Assets UK have developed ethical portfolios and investment strategies which take both the ethical factor and common performance factors, including risk, return and costs, into consideration.

Here you can read more about our ethical investment strategy and screening process.



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