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Latest News

All About Income Tax

22nd September 2015

As the saying goes, nothing as certain as death and tax – income tax is inevitable for anyone employed with an income.  This is the tax you pay on your income and this article introduces you to different tools to help you work out your tax. For an individual, income tax could be, however not […]

EU Succession Regulation Comes into Force

31st August 2015

According to the European institutions, 450,000 cross-border successions take place in the EU every year, representing assets estimated at more than 120 billion euros. It is now common to live in different countries during our lifetime – work in Paris or Brussels, have a second home in Portugal or spend retirement in the Canary Islands. […]

Defined Benefit Pension Schemes

24th August 2015

Defined Benefit Pension Schemes were once a mainstay for pension provision both in the private and public sector. Defined Benefit Pension Schemes are designed to produce an income built on an employee’s length of service and salary. In recent years Defined Benefit Pensions have been hitting the news for all the wrong reasons, with many […]

National Insurance: How Much Should You be Paying?

21st July 2015

National Insurance (NI) is a scheme where working individuals make payments towards enjoying benefits. Administered by the HM Revenue & Customs, the NI contribution entitles to one of the most important benefits such as the state pension, amongst many other including bereavement benefits, maternity allowance, incapacity allowance, widowed parent’s allowance, employment and support allowance. If […]

6 Reasons Why You Should Consolidate Your Retirement Savings

7th July 2015

If you are like most people in the UK, you probably have your phone, internet and TV consolidated with one provider.  It’s cheaper and more convenient.  Fewer are aware of the same principle applying to retirement savings, particularly pensions. Indeed, with complex tax rules and constantly changing laws, the advantages of getting all your retirement […]

How to Budget for Your Children’s After School Activities

1st June 2015

Extracurricular activities such as sports or arts don’t just build the particular skill; they have undeniable benefits to a child’s development. Activities and hobbies help cultivate the very traits which will be useful throughout your kid’s future life and career – like responsibility, focus or teamwork. As a parent you naturally want the best for […]

What are Employee Benefits?

22nd April 2015

This article explains the key employee benefits in the UK. Although the range of benefits is very diverse and different people prefer different perks, the benefits making the most difference are those aimed at providing protection in situations when the employee is unable to work, such as old age, illness, injury or death. Pension Schemes […]

How to Make a Will

24th March 2015

A Will (sometimes also called Last Will and Testament) is a legal document where a person (called Testator) formulates wishes concerning the management and distribution of his or her estate after death. Although it mainly applies to material possessions, a Will can also cover other issues, such as selecting a guardian to one’s children. Why […]

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