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Business Client Services

Directors and Partners Retirement Planning

Holborn Assets UK assists business owners to develop a retirement strategy that encompasses pensions and other savings as well as issues to do with their exit and possible eventual disposal of the business. The arrangements can be structured so that the business owners are able to use them in the furtherance of their current business objectives either through property acquisition or the financing of new plant and machinery.

Employee Pensions and Benefits

We help businesses establish and maintain everything from a simple auto-enrolment pension scheme to a more sophisticated employee benefit package designed to enhance staff recruitment and retention. We have considerable experience in pension scheme reconstruction and can assist businesses in the reorganisation of their employee retirement provision so that it is better aligned with the commercial needs of the business. We offer a pension and employee benefit review service to help employers determine whether the current arrangements are most appropriate and cost effective for their needs.

Employee Financial Counselling

We provide on-site financial counselling to employees which can be delivered on a one to one basis and via staff presentations. This can range from assistance to retiring pension scheme members with their options and completion or scheme paper-work to counselling for employees who are being made redundant. This covers budgetting, state benefits, pensions options and tax efficient investment. We also advise widows of employees on their pension scheme benefits and the organisation of their finances.

Pension Transfer Advice to Members of Defined Benefit Schemes

From April 2015 it will be obligatory for Defined Benefit Pension trustees to ensure that scheme leavers who wish to transfer their benefits receive advice from an FCA regulated financial adviser. We are fully authorised pension transfer specialists and this is a service that we already provide to our own clients and those of other financial advisers who do not hold the FCA permission to advise on pension transfers. This service is now extended to trustees of defined benefit pension schemes to assist them in the discharge of their duty to protect scheme members from April 2015.

Partnership and Shareholder Protection Arrangements

We assist business owners put arrangements in place that ensure, should one of them die, or become incapacitated and no longer able to participate in the running of the business that control is retained in the hands of the continuing owners and the departing owner or their family receive a fair value for the business.

Business Protection (Keyman Cover)

Small to medium sized businesses often depend on the skills or connections of a limited number of individuals for their success. If these people die or become incapacitated, this could have severe consequences for the finances of the business. We assist companies to determine which employees it relies on in this way and place a value on the loss which would be suffered in the event of their death or incapacity. We can then arrange suitable life or incapacity cover to fill any gaps in business financing that would arise.

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