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Our Customers

There is no one-size-fits-all in the world of financial planning and financial advice. Although Holborn Assets UK works with a very diverse group of clients, there are several common points which make you more likely to find our services suitable and beneficial to you:

  • You are committed to getting your financial house in order and keeping it that way.
  • You have important goals that you want to achieve.
  • You understand that the best way to build and maintain wealth is by following a disciplined approach to investing consistently over a long term.
  • You consider many things more important in life than money, although you also understand that having your finances in order is necessary for being able to spend as much time as possible enjoying these things.
  • You prefer an impartial and unbiased financial planning service and you understand that it is worth paying for.
Angela, Lancashire

Chris does all the things suggested in the “balloon” shown. He has also become a friend. He could not do anything better.

John, Cheshire

Explains in great detail all the options available and goes the extra mile in researching all possibilities. Has endless patience in helping a risk averse person put the best possible financial plan in place. Does all of this without being patronising and with a strong sense of commitment. Has made me feel that I am special to his business when in reality I am a very small pebble in his pond.



Seamus, Outside UK

I have known Chris for 30 years and have always relied on his impartial and individually tailored financial advice. Chris manages investments for both my wife and I. The reason for this high recommendation is the time, care and attention that Chris spends to establish what our financial goals are. Chris is interested in the long term success of the investment strategy, while at the same time remaining aware of changing personal and economic circumstances. Risk profiles are soundly established and then regularly visited to assess if change in investment strategy is needed. Chris has advised and continues to advise on pension, investment strategies and current and future education costs. I am reasonably financially aware but rely on Chris for detailed explanations and for recommendations on options we had not considered. Correspondence and post meeting reports are clearly laid out, and replies to queries are always prompt and helpful, email or phone. Chris goes the extra mile and we cannot recommend him highly enough.
What could they have done better?

Honestly, we cant think of anything! We have been delighted with the service we have received.

Maxine, North Yorkshire

Mr Wicks has been my financial adviser for many years. He always gives unbiased advice with the client as an individual at the centre of his practice. I like the way he first assesses what level of risk each client is happy to take and then chooses investments that are appropriate for that risk profile. Over the years, due to issues such as having children, my risk profile has changed and that has been reflected in my investments. I like the graphs he produces which show graphically what your financial situation will be as the years pass. It has made me feel much more secure that I will have a comfortable retirement. I would recommend Mr Wicks to anyone.
What could they have done better?

When things such as the Post Office flotation happens, perhaps he could flag it up to his clients so they are prompted to invest if they think it is appropriate

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